Dancing was my passion from a small age and at the age of eleven I was accepted at the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, after a number of years I suffered a lot of injuries and I had to stop dancing. I then searched hard for what I would like to do with my life and ended up at the art academy. Here I graduated as Graphic Designer / Illustrator, entered the fashion world and discovered and developed my love for textile design. In the meantime I have built up a nice career, but in the meantime I started to miss doing something with my body and moving. After a while I was literally no longer in my skin and by chance my eye fell on a yoga school near me where I went to try yoga classes.

In yoga I immediately found out what I had missed and what I needed! I have followed many lessons and immersed myself in as many styles as possible with a large number of teachers and have learned so much about yoga and also about myself. Because yoga not only turned out to be some nice lessons for me, but became an important aspect in my daily life, after a number of years I decided to follow a teacher training course. At first not to teach, but to be able to dive a little deeper for myself. After my education, the possibilities seemed to give lessons as a matter of course and I grabbed these opportunities with both hands! In the lessons I give I focus on technique (alignment), the breath, movement (flow) and I try to make people listen to themselves. A combination of effort and relaxation, challenge and surrender. Strength, flexibility and balance are a wonderful combination of tools that you can develop during yoga, in order to take good care of yourself in all possible ways. I always make sure that the exercises can be adjusted within everyone's boundaries, but in such a way that it remains an active, physical lesson, which can also be very satisfying if you are not looking for deeper layers within yoga. I prefer to teach smaller groups, because it is important for me to give a lot of personal attention. Everyone has a different body, different qualities and other points to focus on and I try to guide everyone there, as personal as possible.

I also rolled up the yoga community on Instagram. Together with yogis from all over the world, I coach yoga challenges and I am an ambassador for a number of yoga brands (which I really like in combination with my own textile design!). This produces a lot of inspiring contacts and I notice that you have never been taught in yoga! (IG: kimterpstra1978).

Kim Terpstra