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Ayurvedic Copper Tongue Cleaner

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It has been known for centuries in Eastern countries. Hardly any in our west. While the tongue scraper is an essential part of our oral hygiene.
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It has been known for centuries in Eastern countries. Hardly any in our west. While the tongue scraper is an essential part of our oral hygiene. It is because of this that Phoenix has deliberately included the tongue scraper as an "outsider" in its range: because it is still so hard to come by!

Our tongue surface contains deep pores and taste buds, with a very large surface in total. A lot of bacteria and fine residues of what we eat and drink settle in these pores. Research shows that per epithelial cell in our tongue, an average of about 100 bacteria can live. In all, we can speak of a highly concentrated amount of bacteria.

The tongue constantly forms a layer of dead cells, food debris and hundreds of thousands of bacteria, living and dead, and then chemicals such as sulfur that are emitted by these bacteria. If this layer is not removed regularly, a thick layer remains on the tongue, which is one of the main causes of the smell from the mouth. In addition, the taste buds also become covered and function less well. Moreover, it appears that when we eat or drink certain strongly scented products, this again contributes negatively to the mouth odor. After all, many people often sleep with their mouths open, so that when they get up the tongue has a bad taste and is dry.

Daily use of a tongue scraper, along with good use of the toothbrush, is very effective for oral hygiene. It's very easy. After brushing, scrape gently - not too hard - over the entire surface of the tongue. Make sure you don't get too far in the back, because that part of the tongue where there are many large taste buds should not be scraped. You see that you scrape a large amount of waste from the tongue. Always rinse under the tap, and repeat the process until no more dirt comes off the tongue. It is recommended to do this in the morning and in the evening; some people who have a dry mouth or a bad taste in the mouth during the day can do it more often during the day. It turns out that with a lot of excessive stress, the tongue excretes more waste, which is why tongue scraping is also recommended more often per day.

The tongue scraper we offer is made of copper, is very durable and easy to use. Grasp the ends of the cleaner firmly with both hands and pull the pre-bent cleaner with the middle part over the tongue. Rinse over and over under running tap. Usually scraping three times is sufficient. Don't go on endlessly! Rinse the mouth thoroughly, possibly with a natural-based mouthwash.

Some people think that cleaning the tongue with a toothbrush is enough. Put it to the test yourself: do this first, and then see how much extra you get when using the tongue scraper.