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Box with Sacred Smoke Harmony

Of the ingredients in this box, Jasmijn has a revitalizing effect and invites you to love. Olibanum has a purifying and liberating effect. Copal also has a strong purifying effect and has a healing effect. White Sage invigorates and harmonizes.

With the ingredients from this box, the Lavender provides harmony, the Olibanum for renewal and Palo Santo for purification and healing. The Chamomile provides relaxation and emotional peace, while the Calendula stimulates creativity and optimism.

All aromas in this box contribute to a feeling of harmony.

The content is composed of;

4 smudge discs, aromatic pearls, herbs, resin, essential oil and natural binding agent and information about the contents of the box.

The box is 5.5 cm by 5.5 cm.