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Our wide yoga pants Devi are super comfortable with a relaxed cut and our signature soft organic fabric, you will never want to take them off. It is a hip and cool version of the Aladdin pants.
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Loose yoga pants are a great choice for quiet yoga classes, and of course also for a day of working from home or lounging on the couch. The wide legs of the Devi pants give you a lot of room to move freely. You can sit on your meditation cushion in Lotus for a moment of rest, or you can practice your favorite asanas. Everything is possible with the Devi pants. There will never be too much dust in the way. Thanks to the soft ankle straps, the pants also stay in place if you want to practice a shoulderstand or other inversions. The wide legs will not sag.

Do these loose yoga pants seem familiar to you? The Devi pants are a variation of our beloved Dakini pants. The difference is the soft waistband: the Devi pants have a double fold-over waistband. This way your back and stomach stay warm, which feels very nice, especially during quiet yoga classes. You can also decide for yourself whether you want to wear the pants a little higher around your waist or lower on your hips. The Devi pants are also well suited as maternity pants. The fabric is made of organic cotton. This feels wonderfully soft, but at the same time also airy so that you never get too hot. Here you can read more about the benefits of organic cotton.

Fabric content: 92% organic cotton and 8% lycra

What is Devi?

What is Devi? The names of Urban Goddess products are often inspired by beautiful, meaningful principles from Hinduism. These wide yoga pants are also included. Devi means Goddess, but like many Sanskrit words, Devi is not easy to translate into one word. The most important thing is the feeling for you: wear the Devi pants and feel light, heavenly, free. Know that you are perfect the way you are now. Be your own Devi.

We only use certified organic cotton for our yoga wear (GOTS). That is why you get all the benefits of natural breathing fabrics. And at the same time, we all contribute to a healthier environment and happy and healthy workers that are treated and paid fairly.

We know how annoying it is to get itchy or distracted because of care labels in your clothes during your yoga practice. That’s why we don’t have them. We use stamps instead for all of our yoga wear. Simple!

Love your yoga wear and it will love you back:

  • Wash at 30 degrees
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Do not iron over the stamps