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Gift Set Kapha Cleansing & Recharging

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Treat yourself or a loved one with this Kapha Cleansing & Recharging Gift Set. Kaphas are usually happy and contented, tolerant, calm and forgiving. Have good social skills and are full of love.
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Treat yourself to a loved one with this Kapha Salie Mint gift set. Kaphas are usually happy and content, are calm and environmentally minded. Have good social skills and are full of love. The gift set consists of:

  • Shoti Maa Peace on Earth Joy thee BIO
  • Herbal incense without bamboo with holder Joy
  • Frankincense Ayurveda Patchouli & Amber (Kapha)
  • Rapeseed wax ecological scented candle Sandel Wood
  • Fragrance cream Sandel Wood
  • Kapha Salie Mint potpourri scented bag

Shoti Maa Peace on Earth Joy thee BIO

100% Organic herbal and spice tea with chicory, liquorice and cinnamon as main ingredients (16 tea bags).


Herbal incense without bamboo with holder Joy

Song of India Bambooless Herbal Incense is made according to traditional tradition where the burning of incense is practiced for its beneficial and applied effect. An effective way to purify the air and exercise.

Smell: Wood scents with sandalwood.

Packaging: Handmade recycled paper with information in English.

Made in: India.

Product specifications 50 incense sticks without bamboo core Ceramic incense burner Non-toxic, free of chemicals


Frankincense Ayurveda Patchouli & Amber (Kapha)

Ayurvedic incense gift box containing both incense sticks and cones. Carefully formulated to harmonize your psycho-physical constitution and stimulate prana (life force). The incense sticks and cones are prepared with a mixture of herbs, roots, resins, aromatic essential oil and other natural elements, traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine.

Kapha dosha

Kapha regulates the structure, firmness of the body. It is the principle that holds the cells together and forms muscles, fat, bones and tendons. Personality Traits: Strongly built with excellent stamina. Calm, thoughtful and loving by nature.

Content per package

Handmade incense sticks, ±25 grams

10 Incense cones

1 Ceramic Incense Holder


Rapeseed wax ecological scented candle Sandel Wood

Scented candle of 100% vegetable ecological rapeseed wax in recycled glass. Made in a traditional way in Belgium, with paraben-free fragrance oils. Biodegradable and therefore harmless to humans and the environment.

Product specifications

Smell: Sandle Wood

Non-GMO rapeseed from Germany.

Burning time 25 hours.

Glass square, recycled.

Comes in a cardboard box.

Rapeseed wax

Rapeseed wax is made from rapeseed oil, contains no toxic ingredients and does not harm the environment. On the contrary, rapeseed helps and protects the soil for future crops while the plant is used to make oil and animal feed. The wax is non-hazardous to people and nature and has a smaller carbon footprint than, for example, soy wax because it is grown and processed in Europe.


Fragrance cream Sandelwood

To use as a scent diffuser, open the jar and enjoy a wonderful scent. In brass cloisonne mini pot.


Kapha Patchouli & Amber potpourri scented bag

Ayurvedic potpourri scented sachet, ideal for freshening up a small space and removing unpleasant odors. Put a package in the car, clothes drawer, kitchen, bathroom or under the bag of the garbage can. Or add one to your clothes when you put them away at the end of the season.

The grounding blend of holy sage cleanses the environment, while the cooling properties of mint recharge and invigorate you. Goes well with kapha dosha.

Product specifications

Pleasantly scented blend of herbs, mineral powder and essential oils.

100% natural & environmentally friendly ingredients

Fragrance release: 25 - 40 days

Non-toxic, safe to use

Keep away from direct sunlight to extend the life of this product