Anna Smit - Yoga is not something you just can but something you just do.


Anna was born and raised in Amsterdam and loves the sound of the city. What she does care is the connection and the integration of the philosophy of yoga from India into the busy, hectic life of the Western world. For this, you do not have to change your life 180 degrees, but you can do yoga to create your own basic and it will enrich your life.

"In my classes I challenge you physically, but I hope also to demonstrate the power of vulnerability. There's so much beauty in the attempt. That's your process, including your progression. Yoga is not something you can but you just do. I love the joy that radiates the apparel of Iloveyoga and the ideas behind the brands are inspiring for me and gives me the feeling of being part of a community that the world would make a lot nicer and cleaner. "

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