Thirza van de Hoef - Yoga is a part of who she is.


Thirza van de Hoef came in 2004 unexpectedly into contact with yoga. She discovered that yoga gave her a deep connection with herself and felt that this was her way, the way in which they have to offer people the most. Yoga was the passion in her life and yoga is a part of who she is. By following very thorough yoga courses including the three-year course of Caldas Teresa and her way of teaching she has become a leading yoga teacher in yin, vijnana- and ashtanga vinyasa yoga.

Her work as a yoga teacher is characterized by its motivating way of teaching, which they let people discover where their limits, challenges, opportunities and motivations are. Thirza encourages people in a safe setting, be open to step out of their comfort zone and thus (re) discover all areas within.

Thirza has her own yoga DVD and is regularly in magazines like Happinez and Yoga Magazine.


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