Li-Ann has been successful as a singer in the 90's duo Twenty 4 Seven for a number of years and also held a managerial position at a fitness center. It all seemed to go well and her life became busier and busier. Until the moment it became too much. After ignoring signals from her body for a long time, she was forced to change things. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness made things better and she slowly felt herself again. Li-Ann also started to delve deeper into nutrition and found out what a healing effect that could have on both body and mind. She came back into connection with herself and also knew what she found important in life: Happiness, health and balance, which in Sanskrit means Kuzala. She developed Kuzala during a wonderful journey through India where she was trained as a yoga and meditation teacher by Indian spiritual teachers.

Based on the Kuzala philosophy, she gives various trainings and retreats in the field of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. With Kuzala she hopes to show people who are not yet familiar with yoga, meditation or mindfulness the benefits thereof. The Kuzala training courses are therefore open to everyone and for every level.

In recent years, Li-Ann has increasingly specialized in the field of orthomolecular nutrition and supplementation, orthomolecular medicine, the effect of nutrition on your hormones and behavior, neuroscience, the prevention and recovery of (negative) stress and a burnout, slimming, detoxing and sports fasting. From these different specializations, she can help others to be the best version of herself and thereby be successful in different areas of life, such as health, love, career, friendships, as a parent and in personal development.

Nowadays she runs a very successful company "State of Mind Network" with her life and work partner Stacey Seedorf, with which she provides various Kuzala training and retreats, among other things. In addition, they also provide training in various types of fears, such as fear of attachment and abandonment, fear of failure and uncertainty. And also provide training for entrepreneurs and companies.

Li-Ann provides training, lectures, one-to-one coaching, retreats, writes books and blogs, inspires, motivates and sings.

Her goal is very clear: to help as many people as possible to be healthy and happy!