Goedele Leyssen - Total in Body & Soul.


Before she became a yoga teacher, Goedele Leyssen was a busy beauty journalist. She traveled all around the world to discover new beauty products and interview international beauty experts: a glamorous job, but very demanding due to the combination of deadlines, jetlags, an irregular diet and lots of champagne. In 2008 Goedele felt how her body got more and more trouble to follow her fast lifestyle. At the same time, everything went awry on the home front. She got it harder and harder to manage her stress.

During a commission in India, Goedele discovered yoga and meditation. Once back home, a regular yoga and meditation practice helped her find the inner peace that she longed for.

Goedele followed for herself a kundalini yoga teacher training at Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa but during her training she came across a quote from kundalini yoga master Yogi Bhajan who left a deep impression on her: "If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it. "And so she started teaching in combination with her job. Besides yoga she also studied Sat Nam Rasayan - a healing form of meditation - with the Mexican helper Guru Dev Singh and sound healing with gong master Marc Swan.

When Goedele unexpectedly got out of work at the beginning of 2013, she felt how much power she got from the moments on her yoga mat. It gave her the energy to facilitate workshops, weekends and retreats and to teach at festivals such as the Happinez Festival, Yogaland, Kundalini Yoga Festival, Wanderlust, Tomorrowland.

In 2014 Goedele wrote her first book Boost. Balans (2015) followed shortly afterwards. A fascination for the effect of nutrition on our health and our emotions inspired her to follow a training as a holistic nutritionist and to publish her third book, MoodFood (2017). In 2018 she launched the Total Body & Soul Workout: a fun concept that combines strength training, stretching, meditation, relaxation and healthy lifestyle advice and helps you develop your own morning and evening rituals.

Over the years Goedele taught herself how important it is to take care of yourself if you want to be an added value in the lives of others. And that is something she likes to pass on during her lessons. Her advice: Make regular time to connect with your body and with your breathing. Do you feel that you are going too fast? Then put the brakes on time.



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