Steffi de Pous - Because We Carry.


I'm Steffi de Pous, born in The Hague on February 9, 1983. I love yoga and sometimes I do no feel it at all. I have fun with incredible taught, highlighted the lessons at Sukha Yoga in Amsterdam. Since April 2016 I live partly on the Greek island of Lesbos and Amsterdam and yoga I almost no longer on the mat.

I help people here who have fled. We welcome Because We Carry and stand for #nietlullenmaarpoetsen
& #bethechangeyouwishtoseeintheworld.

Every day we share eat, we play with children and we support people so that they can again start feeling a little man. Strange but true, the need to do yoga, I'm not here. Walking, swimming, yard work, play and help clear it feels like yoga. Yoga is actually not only move on a mat or sitting still on a pillow. Yoga for me is caring for and feeding my body, mind and soul. Recognizing feelings and needs and there dare to make room for it, it dare to listen and especially daring confidence. And thereby change the negative belief in myself a bit: I'm ok (at least, fairly often)!

I believe in yoga! The postures, sitting still and reading all those books! I have had the great need.
Tip: I have almost nothing just taken over at'm going to find out everything yourself and always sifting. Feel this good? I agree with this? No? I do clever they call it otherwise it!

I think, no, I'm sure, that there will again come a time when I'm back on the mat! But for now I run around, matloos, but 80% of the time or in leggings!

❤ Steffi


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