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14 Mar 2021

Happy New Moon


This Sunday, May 5, is the new moon. In the previous blog I already wrote about the magical powers of the moon during the 4 specific moon phases. In this blog I will tell you everything about the new moon.

New Moon is the little shekel that appears on the right side of the moon once it has been dark moon. During dark moon the moon is invisible to us. The moon is then further away from the earth than during full moon. You might imagine that her energy is less noticeable. That is why the new moon is the perfect phase to make new plans, because we are less influenced by its energy. This creates space in the head which makes it easier for us to listen to our intuition, our heart desires. The new moon phase is all about a new beginning. Consider in this time how you want to organize your life. What choices are you going to make?

Visualizing your wishes has the most effect in the period during the new moon. You can do a new moon meditation where you send your new intentions into the universe. Visualize your dream and make it as real as possible, listen to your feelings. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? Make it feel like your dream has already come true. What feeling do you get with this? Use a labradorite (gemstone) to enhance this feeling. This protects you against negative energy and fear. A labradorite also gives you confidence in your dreams. This way your feeling cannot be influenced by your own thoughts.

Yoga postures that stimulate the breast area and open the heart chakra can also help you clarify what your heart desires are. Such as 'melting heart pose' (Anahathasana). Sit down on your hands and knees and, if necessary, place a blanket under your knees to relieve pressure. Walk your hands a little forward so that your chest comes towards the mat. The hips stay above your knees at an angle of around 90 degrees. You feel stretch in the upper back and the arms here. Use each exhalation to soften yourself in the posture and melt your heart towards the mat. You can hold the position for 3 - 5 minutes. Then take a moment to feel the posture. A mini Savasana of approximately 2 minutes. You can then visualize your dreams again to find out what your deeply cherished wish is.

Happy new moon!

Love, Lisanne


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