Gai-Lisva - Slow Fashion met vrouwelijke elegantie


The Danish Gai+Lisva creates authentic styles with a Scandinavian and minimalist look. The fine materials and clean lines are inspired by nature and reflect the vision of a healthier lifestyle, which is based on the Scandinavian tradition of simplicity and 'coolness'. The colors and design of Gai+Lisva are light and soft and give you a relaxed and classic look. Here you will find nice soft yoga leggings and yoga tops. Gai+Lisva's Nordic Cool collection is perfect for on and off the mat, for a gentle and yin-focused practice, but also when you need to do some shopping. The Nordic Cool collection is made of cotton, with a timeless, feminine design, which is so comfortable that you can easily move through the day with the feeling of freedom and well-being.


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