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11 Nov 2021

11 November


8 years ago I was introduced to Yoga during my first retreat in Ibiza. Moving, including with Yoga, is a very good support for me in difficult moments to clear my head. After a major event 3 years ago, I started training as a Body Balance Instructor (Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation), I liked teaching so much that I started to expand this more and more with all kinds of different courses such as Yin Yoga , Pilates and Children's Yoga. 

Besides Yoga I also came across all kinds of other topics that fit very well with this and that appeal to me enormously and also help, such as the Moonology course (Yasmin Boland) where I learned a lot about the moon and all the energy around it, but also the course Numerology of the Handcoach has given me many insights.

This Thursday it will be 11-11 and after some research this turns out to be a special date. November 11 is the 315th day of the year, it will then take exactly 40 days until December 21, the shortest day of the year. It is then the beginning of the dark period before Christmas. On November 11 it is Sint Maarten and also the start of Carnival, where the Council of 11 will meet on 11-11 at 11.11 am. In addition, it is Singles day which has recently received a lot of attention as a more commercial day, where Singles are called upon to be kind to themselves, especially by all retail chains that offer discounts on this day, but I think it is important every day to be kind to yourself. and take good care of yourself. (*source: wikipedia)
What is the meaning of the double numbers? 11-11 is an angel number. The master number 11 represents spirituality, spiritual insight, revelation, creativity and intuition. It connects ancient forces, it stands for helping others. It is also called the crazy number, because it can only be divided by itself and because 11 is between 10 (perfect number) and 12 (sacred number).

Within Numerology 11-11 is the day to manifest. That is because the number 11 is seen as a number that connects forces. You can best compare 11-11 with 2 pillars. On the one hand the pillars of the spiritual and on the other the pillars of the earthly. And on November 11, these gates will be opened and you can connect these worlds together. A golden opportunity, the passage is open. (*source: wikipedia and the Handcoach).
I also read something about this on the website of Inspiring Life: If you see 11:11 (you may see this time appear on the clock often, especially if you start paying attention you sometimes suddenly see this time more often) that is the way of the universe to urge you to pay attention to your heart, your soul and your inner intuition. It serves as a wake up call so that you do not miss any opportunities in this life. (*source: This also fits nicely with manifesting, what is your dream? What opportunities can you grab? What is your intention for the last weeks of 2021? Listen to your intuition!

All this also builds nicely to next week's Full Moon on November 19th which is in the sign of Taurus, which stands for safety, security, familiar territory, while the sun is in the sign of Scorpio, which is the sign of transformation . For myself, this week is therefore a good moment to take a moment to reflect on my dreams and wishes, which can be small or large, but I try to follow my heart as much as possible and follow my intuition. listening, no matter how difficult that is sometimes with all the external stimuli. That is also my goal with the lessons I give with Share in Balance, I want so badly to let people experience how they can bring more balance into their lives, by shutting themselves off for a while from everything that happens around them, back to to turn in and learn to listen to the signals of their bodies. This can be done very nicely with yoga, but also by following the rhythm of the moon, for example, I do this in an accessible way where everyone is welcome.

What is your biggest dream?

Lots of love, Sharon

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