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28 Apr 2022

Cultivate a slower life

Cultivate a Slower life

What if it could all be a little slower and more mindful? A thought that came to my mind more and more.
Why does everything have to be so fast and hard? How can we slow down more and be ordinary? Put less pressure on yourself and do more of what you love.

In a world that is so hard and goes so fast, I choose to slow down. For years I have been working on a natural lifestyle and this is partly due to the chronic disease Endometriosis that I have. Every day I have a lot of pain, fatigue and more complaints that make life a bit more difficult. Endometriosis is a chronic disease in which tissue that somewhat resembles endometrium is located in other parts of the body and causes inflammation, adhesions, scar tissue and can also damage organs in this way.

This illness has made me much more aware of everything that affects your health. I have started to pay attention to my diet and try to eat as pure and healthy as possible. I switched products at home to non-toxic cleaning products and care products. I have learned to listen to my body much better and to recognize signals from my body earlier and to respond to them.

Because of all these adjustments I started to lead a slow and natural life. And what is that a slow and natural life? I think this looks different for everyone. You can't do anything right or wrong with this and that's the beauty of it. I don't think you can put a label on it. Your slow life is yours and you can organize it yourself.

To me it means nothing more than living very consciously. Going back to basics, the old fashioned ways. Everything has to be done quickly these days. I choose to turn it around a bit. I choose more consciously and slower.

I bake my own sourdough bread, I have a vegetable garden where I work with a lot of love and pleasure, I plan moments in the day to do and be nothing, I do daily yoga practices to feel even better how my body feels that day and what my body needs. I opt for more sustainable clothing and natural materials such as linen and wool, I regularly recycle, buy a lot of pre-loved or make things myself. I make my own cleaning products with natural ingredients, I make non-toxic beeswax candles and natural care products.

Many people find these things too much effort, too much hassle. People often opt for the "easier" way. I enjoy delay and the satisfaction of doing many things myself. All this because I really like it, but also because I know that this is better for our health and better for Mother Earth.

I invite you to see for yourself whether you could slow down a bit. What slow activities could do. Starting a new hobby. Maybe a vegetable garden? Maybe learn to embroider? How about baking sourdough bread yourself? Whatever you choose, do it with love, pleasure and do it mindfully.


Instagram: @Mindfullyslow
Youtube: Mindfully slow

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