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21 Dec 2020

Love and Light


"Receive beautiful, healing energies of Love and Light that may be passed on through me"

I felt different from childhood. I was very sensitive, empathetic and very open, which made me feel strongly connected to All That Is. I did not understand the world around me very well and it did not seem to understand me very well. This made me adapt myself at a very young age to the outside world, adapt to the environment and put on mask after mask, just to be “normal”.. just to “conform”. The connection I had with the "unseen", the "inexplicable" I completely closed off as a survival mechanism, while my sensitivity remained. In this way I became further and further removed from my real Self.

This has always remained the case, until at the age of 30 a very drastic and also very transforming event took place for me. I was confronted with a life-threatening illness…. this turned my life upside down. Something beautiful that came out of this is that it caused the doors that I had locked for so long (actually did not even know about their existence) slowly opened again and the connection with the All unfolded again to me.

At this point yoga also crossed my path. Through yoga I took off mask after mask and came home to myself again, I discovered who I really am and it was like being born again. This created a strong interest in spirituality and working with energy. At the same time I perceived a deep feeling inside that told me to go into this and that indicated "dare to follow your Heart, have faith". I did this with a leap of faith. This jump has brought me a lot of good and was exactly the right choice at exactly the right time for me.

Inspired by yoga I decided to teach yoga myself. Teaching was already familiar to me as I had been working in sports and health for over 20 years. After teaching yoga for some time, the lessons developed more and more into healing sessions, something that people also gave me back very clearly after the experiences and experiences they had during (and even) after the lesson. This developed further and eventually resulted in the loving intuitive sessions/programs that I now offer both live and online. In this I combine and share all my acquired knowledge, talents and qualities and I am like a bridge for you between the “seen” (what we perceive with the naked eye) and the “unseen” (the invisible). A powerful team of Love & Light that works with me and through me is present during the sessions to heal and support you in a way that is completely appropriate for you in the now moment. Beautiful energies flow through which you can receive when you are open to them and have a deep healing and transforming effect in all layers of your “Being”. The Love & Light team includes Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings and Crystal Beings.

The sessions take you on an inner journey through both the physical and energetic body, working in a gentle way to cleanse and “release” energy that no longer serves you so that you can unfold layer by layer until you reach your highest potential. This includes meditation, visualization, gentle yoga exercises, energy medicine and relaxation, in which the healing and energy transmissions are provided by me and the Love & Light team invisibly in the background. I also often work with crystals, essential oils, sound, mantras, pressure points and meridians and it may be that there are shamanic influences. I am a shamanic practitioner myself. All in all, it is definitely a unique experience!

If you are open to spirituality and you are looking for a bit of healing, growth and/or support in your ascension process, I hope to meet you in one of the sessions. It is my passion to be able to guide you on your path…. to be able to walk with you for a while, as it were. To be able to help you re-member who you really are and to support you in daring to follow the path of the Heart. All this so that you will stand in your own (Light) power.

In Love & Light I am there for you,


[email protected]

FB: Yoga By Cara



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