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10 Oct 2020

How to Eat for your Fire Body Type.


Fire types are penetrating, hot, and sharp people. They tend to have a nice build, medium height, and coppery skin, with a constant warm body (perhaps even sweating constantly). Their hair tends to be silky and at times tends to gray faster than others’ due to all the energy they burn. Fire body types are lucky to have a strong metabolism with overall good digestion and a big appetite. They tend to be constantly alert, with a sharp mind and usually with good powers of comprehension. 

Naturally, fire types are good leaders and planners, constantly desiring to work with the community and alleviate problems around them. Fire body types need to be careful with inflammation, whether it be fevers, skin disorders, or inflammatory diseases in any organ. They must also take care not to bottle up emotions or generate deep discomfort toward situations in life. This tends to generate emotional imbalance or a type of inflammation related to it, like ulcers and other digestive issues. 

COMMON CRAVINGS: Spicy, hot, sour, salty

BALANCED CRAVINGS: Sweet, bitter, astringent 

Response to a poor diet: Anxiety, anger, hypoglycemia, acid reflux

Therapeutic foods: All grains (particularly amaranth, barley, rice oats), vegetables, and raw foods really calm the fire down. A wholesome macro-type diet keeps the fire at bay. Nuts and raw oils are good in moderation (particularly coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil, and flax oil). Seeds are more beneficial due to low oil content. Beans (particularly chickpeas, mung beans, adzuki beans, and black lentils) are a good source of light protein and are easily digestible without generating too much heat. Dark leafy greens are always a substantial and cooling option (kale, collards, chards, spinach, etc.).

Therapeutic herbs: Cooling herbs are particularly beneficial. All warming herbs or heat-retaining herbs should be avoided.

Other healing tonics: Blackberry leaf, chamomile, cat’s claw, coriander, chicory, coriander, calendula, cumin, dandelion root and leaf, fennel, hibiscus, jasmine, lemon, lemon balm, lemon grass, motherwort, nettle, peppermint, raspberry, rose flowers, clover, red root, saffron, yellow dock.

Limit: Chocolate, salt, meats, nuts, stimulants.

Must eliminate: Hot spices, coffee, alcohol, tobacco.

Lucky you: Fire bodies can eat delicious sweets! Fire-based constitutions can eat more sweetness than the norm and not be as affected as other types.

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