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03 Jan 2022

Yogi Life Style


Every morning I want to remind myself of the strength in my verticality, I don't want to immediately enter the world horizontally, with all the distractions. Sadhana is my cornerstone, my building block and the way to set myself in the day. Then breakfast: what suits me on this day? I like to have a warm breakfast and at the moment I like to drink hot water. I choose very consciously from the feeling of what my body needs, for example from the hormonal phase I am in. Usually I do Ishnaan and wear a turban. That's a routine for crowning myself. I take it upon myself to be royal. Apart from the ritual, it also helps me keep my head together. You are true to yourself, but at the same time true to something bigger, outside your comfort zone.

My teacher always said, “Where you give Prana to.” In other words, what do you give your life force to? That life force is not endless, it is finite. So think carefully about where you put your prana. For example, learn to sing mantras without losing your breath. Also think about your communication: is it always necessary to respond immediately? At every step, ask yourself: do I gain or do I loose prana.

Dharma about karma.

Lifestyle is that you are aware of dharma over karma. Dharma is your originality, karma is your destiny. It's about truthfulness in your life. Think of a healthy lifestyle as a flywheel. It starts small, with choices about what you eat, for example. You go to a yoga class once a week. Keep going, stay in the movement, it's about your path, your spiritual growth. And gradually discover: what is truthfulness to you? What appeals to you about yogi lifestyle? And that is possible for both a beginner and an advanced yogi.

Yogi lifestyle is for me a way to stay with myself. You are so often distracted in the day by things outside of yourself. Lifestyle is the boat, that which holds you. It is my supporting factor.”

Atma Ranpriya


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