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28 Jun 2021

Yoga after childbirth

Yoga after childbirth? Read all about it in this blog.

It is important to take plenty of rest shortly after the birth of your child. The body has to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, a lot of energy and attention goes to the newborn, logical of course! Still, you want to get fit again as soon as possible after giving birth and build up your condition. Yoga offers a good solution for this. By doing yoga after childbirth you have a good build-up to get back to your old level. Curious why and how it works? On this blog we would like to give you some tips about yoga after childbirth.

Yoga after childbirth

Naturally, it is logical that all the attention goes to the young sprout. Yet many women also forget to take care of themselves. Think of the deterioration of physical health and mental health. For the first few weeks, it's good to just rest and do your own thing for mental health sometimes. Physically, you really need to get some good rest for the first six weeks of delivery. Also keep in mind that the birth and recovery is different for everyone. So listen carefully to your feelings and body to determine that you can do something more.

Picking up your old sport after childbirth is only possible after a few months. No matter how good and fit you feel, it is really advisable to wait a few months with this. Think of sports such as fitness, running, swimming and similar sports. It is safer and better to bring your body together. This is possible with so-called postnatal activities that you can practice with postnatal pilates and yoga.

The abdominal muscles have had to endure a lot during childbirth to give way before the arrival of the baby. This creates space which is called Diastase. As long as this is not fully recovered, you can develop posture, core stability and pelvic floor problems. This can also be the reason why you are not yet able to exercise optimally or lift heavy. Does your body send out these kinds of signals? Take it seriously and consider taking up post-natal yoga. Even if you have no complaints, it is wise to train well with postnatal yoga exercises.

Postnatal Yoga

Decided to follow postnatal yoga exercises to prevent posture, core stability and pelvic floor problems? A good choice, it can't hurt and is a good preparation for sports. You can start the postnatal yoga exercises from 6 weeks after delivery to 4 months after delivery. There are good diagrams on the internet that you can do at home. You only need to buy a yoga mat to perform the exercises well and fine. You can also perform exercises at a yoga school with professional guidance. This is also a big stick behind the door to perform the exercises well and consistently. Take a look at the site of where they go into more detail about the schedule that is specially adapted to yoga after childbirth.

This blog was written in collaboration with Ecoyogi.

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