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18 Oct 2020

How to Eat for your Fire Body Type.

Air/Water body types are ruled by motion. On an annual basis, the most important time for an Air/Water body is in the fall and during the change of seasons. Air/Water is what impels us to change and shift, breaking out of routines into new ones. Those that have a predominance of air and water in their body tend to be very mental, flexible, and creative. These types tend to be very quick and mentally agile, with lots of energy.

Air/Water types need to apply routine into their digestive schedule, due to their appetite constantly fluctuating. Their innate craving is for raw and cooling foods, yet because they lack the warming element, this can be detrimental to their joints and muscles, and can also lower their immune systems.

Out of balance, they tend to look depleted, pale, muscle-on-bone thin, fragile, and lanky. Energetically they easily lose willpower, confidence, and boldness. At an older age they naturally enter into a predominantly Air constitution. They start experiencing a drier internal and eternal landscape, wrinkling, and lack of moisture in the limbs, which decreases their mobility and agility.

COMMON CRAVINGS: Raw foods, crunchy, cooling meals

BALANCED CRAVINGS: Warm cooked foods, grounding, sweet and salty flavors

Response to a poor diet: Ungroundedness, fragility, fatigue.

Therapeutic foods: The most vital component is establishing a routine with food. Vegetables, particularly root vegetables (beets, carrots, yucca, burdock, sweet potatoes, celeriac, etc.), grains, oats, beans and other legumes, nuts, and seeds are all beneficial. Good fats and oils are a vital component in the Air/Water diet; the most healing oils are good-quality ghee, raw coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, and flax oil. Steamed dark greens are particularly beneficial. Sweet, ripe, and juicy (non-astringent) fruits are particularly good. Any type of sweetener is okay (except for refined sugar).

Therapeutic herbs: Many herbal teas are good for Air / Water types, yet bitter, astringent, and cooling teas may not be as beneficial. A combination of pungent, grounding, and sweet herbs is best.

Other healing tonics: Angelica root, bay leaves, cardamom, celery seed and root, cinnamon, cloves, comfrey, elecampane root, fennel root, leaf and seed, gotu kola, fo-ti, ginger, lions mane, all ginsengs, sarsaparilla, Solomon's seal, wild ginger, yerba santa.

Limit: Astringent, stimulating, and cooling foods.

Must eliminate: Caffeinated drinks, tobacco, alcohol, excessive raw foods, frozen and canned foods.

Lucky you: You get to get away with eating delicious fats and lots of food with such a fast metabolism! Eat lots of good fats and grounding snacks throughout the day to keep your balance.

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