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15 Aug 2019

Happy Full Moon


Dear All,

A new blog and a new moon phase. This time I will tell you everything about the full moon. The phase that causes a lot of unrest for most of us. Many people are sensitive to the energy of the full moon and sleep worse than normal.

The full moon phase is a period of development. The pinnacle of the lunar cycle. Just like the moment that flower buds open. Our wishes are about to manifest. That does not mean that your dream becomes 100% reality at the moment. It could also be that you are going to take a step in the right direction or only receive indications that you are on the right path. Be happy with what is at that moment.

The days around full moon are very suitable to forgive. Look back to the past month. Become aware of events that have hurt you or people who have wronged you. Are you willing to forgive people in your life but also for all events or memories that you should forgive? Only then will you continue on your path of life. If you forgive you can step out of a situation. It will feel like an enlightenment, as if a burden is literally falling off your shoulders. The negative energy around a memory is replaced by gratitude so that you can see the event as a lesson in life.

Besides forgiving, it is important to feel gratitude for where you are now in your life. What have you achieved so far? What steps have you taken? Be proud of yourself. You don't have to think about what else needs to be done or what can be improved. Be grateful for the path you have traveled and the point you have reached so far. Perhaps the path to your dream is still very long or you have almost reached the final destination. Be aware that everyone walks their own way with his or her obstacles, diversions and turns. You can trust your own life path and because it leads you to your dream.

The crystal celestine (or celestite) helps resolve conflicts and has a calming effect. You can carry this stone with you in the days around the full moon so that most of the intense emotions and anxiety are alleviated. On the night of the full moon you place all your gems on the windowsill, (or outside) in the full moon light, so that they can recharge. In this way the stones are cleansed from negative energy, after which they have their full effect again.

The yoga posture sphinx provides a back bend and an 'opening' of the front of the body. This stimulates the throat chakra and the heart chakra. This attitude can help you to forgive what is needed and to feel gratitude.

Lie on your stomach and place your elbows under your shoulders at an angle of about 90 degrees, place your forearms on the mat and bring your hands together. You can safely hang a bit in the shoulders. You can determine the position of your head yourself. Drop your head or support it with a yoga block (or, if you don't have one, a stack of books). Or point your nose towards the ceiling to open the throat chakra. Your legs are stretched out on the mat and your buttocks are relaxed. The compression is felt in the lower back and the stretch is present on the entire front of your body. Feel that your belly gently pushes into the mat with each inhalation. With each exhalation you let go of everything and you surrender to the posture. It can help you to think of what you want to forgive with each exhalation, so that you can let it go. The posture can last for 3 - 5 minutes. Then take a moment to feel the posture. A mini Savasana of approximately 2 minutes.

Happy full moon!
Love, Lisanne

P.s. Do you want to know more about the magic of the moon and how you can bring more balance to your life with this? Then follow me on instagram or facebook @meisjesvandemaan

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