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14 Aug 2020

Silence gives Space

Peace gives space.

Searching like a squirrel in the desert. But where to? You have everything you wanted anyway. Always the fear of getting sick and losing everything I had built up. But I didn't enjoy it that way either. Until that day where the fear became reality. Lymph node cancer was diagnosed. Then the world stopped for a moment. No feelings of fear but primal strength? Then I have chemo. But then I get bald? Do you want to get better now? Still the fear again? I would become a bald hairdresser ..

Bald after 2 courses. I have never thought of myself as beautiful. I proudly stood in our hair salon. And finished very quickly, because I no longer had my hair (I kept the humor in it). I've always been doing yoga, but I wanted more than just a few classes a week. I want to sing again too. The ENT doctor was very impressed with my vocal cords "I don't see that every day". I switched to no anti-depressants after 17 years of taking anti-depressants. I was in my power, I could take on the whole world. I was declared cured after a year. But got those fears again. It became a big mess in my head, I started doing everything to help others in their disease process. But that was not what I had in mind.
Back to basic. Because the man with the hammer came to report to me. You cannot help someone else, as long as you don't help yourself first. The well-known oxygen mask in the plane.

Soon I will start the yin-yoga training at Yoga Dreams in Zaandam. And I'm going to learn to sing mantr's.

Peace gives space ..


Marijn has been doing yoga for 5 years now and will follow the yin yoga training at Yoga Dreams in Zaandam. Then she wants to do the hormone yoga & nutrition training at Bluebirds in Amsterdam. There is still so much to offer in that area that I missed after my illness. Passing on your own experience is the best learning experience in my opinion.

Do you also want to tell your personal yoga story? Mail to [email protected]


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