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11 Jul 2019

First Quarter Moon

Sweet moon girls,

After the new moon phase, in which we have visualized our dreams, it is important to get clear what you want in your life. This phase is called the first fifteen minutes. The moon is then exactly halfway in its cycle from invisible (new moon) to fully visible (full moon).

During the first fifteen minutes it can sometimes be difficult to focus on what your wishes are because your thoughts go in all directions. The energy of the full moon is slowly becoming palpable. This can cause unrest in your head and in your body. This week, make a list of what your plans are. You may want to make some adjustments to your current plans. Wearing a rock crystal helps you focus on your dreams. The stone has a purifying and calming effect. It promotes concentration and ensures balance. That is all you need during this phase of the moon.

Yoga postures in which you lean forward can also help to promote your concentration. Such as butterfly pose. Sit on the mat, put your feet together and let your knees fall out. You feel stretch in the back, the inside of the legs and the groin. Use every inhalation to make room in your upper body, you will get a little bit out of position. With each exhalation you soften and make your back bulging again. It is a kind of wave motion that you can focus on when your mind wanders.

You don't want to feel pain in your hips and knees in this position. You can always put a blanket or pillow under your legs here. Hold the position for 3 - 5 minutes. Then take a moment to feel the pose. Such as a mini Savasana of about 2 minutes.

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