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27 Mar 2020

Mind Blowing Vipassana



As promised I would like to share my vipassana silence retreat with you. The vipassana was part of my advanced teacher training under the guidance of Katiza Satya and Sahaj of Delight Yoga.

I entered the vipassana without knowing much in advance, I wanted to experience it without judgment or opinion of others. I have experienced to accept reality as it is. I have observed all the sensations that passed by, both the pleasant and the unpleasant, without becoming attached to them and accepting them as they are. Everything comes and everything goes ..

Being equitable in life gives a lot of peace and acceptance. See things as they really are. The intention of vipassana is to teach you a meditation technique. You need a lot of discipline and perseverance for that. I have developed more self-insight through technology. I found it 10 tough days but when it was over and I walked outside I was happy, almost euphoric ..

I learned never to accept anything because someone says so. Believe in yourself, in your own truth. We all have the power to see that truth. I gained a lot of insight into certain topics that came up again and again. According to my teacher, these are the topics to be worked on.

I worked hard, my conversations with the teacher were full of wisdom and very enlightening. Moments of loneliness, sadness, pain and anxious dreams came by. Moments of happiness, love, power and enlightenment also passed. I have accepted all moments and let them pass. According to my roommate, I spoke fluent French in my sleep while I didn't speak the language. That day I was unconsciously or perhaps consciously busy with French texts that were present everywhere in the hall .. Shoes here, etc ..

During the body scan there were moments when everything flowed and tingled. The first time I was surprised what a body I thought I could do. I enjoyed doing the body scan. But often wanted the result too quickly. The passing by part of my body brought me a lot of love. Your body gives you so much wisdom.

On the Metta day, the 10th day that is seen as 'the balm on the open wound that has been cleansed', I prefer to stay in silence for a while. I thought the transition was pretty big.

The following weeks were intense. My vata dosha was completely out of balance, I was floating, not grounded and forgetful. But I felt the positive changes in my awakening. It was so beautiful. So full of love..

There is so much more to do. I hold on to the path of Anitya. Anitya means transience, everything comes and everything goes again.. 

What is happening in the world during the corona virus is like a vipassana retreat. This self-isolation is called quarantine in a pandemic. In Buddhism it is called retreat. From the cave of our home, like the meditators of ancient times, we can consciously kindle the lamp of compassion and connection. (words by Lama Willa Miller). 

If you are interested in following a 10-day vipassana, look for info on
You can always email me if you would like to receive more information. [email protected]

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