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09 Jul 2020


And then the world stands still for a moment. The Corona virus gives a different meaning to time. Space an oppressive interpretation. Having contact gets double the charge. Connecting becomes complicated. It affects everyone. Throws you back on yourself. Literally inside. The focus on what really matters. Is really important. First and foremost health because if it is endangered, everything else will fail. If you are not healthy, you only want one thing; To be healthy. If you are so lucky to be that, you shift your focus to everything that comes next. What do you find there? What do you feel there?

How do I find my way in the changed conscious Being of Now? In which I too am hit. By the positive and the negative of all this. I embrace going back to basics. Can be very happy with less. The beneficial effects it brings to our Earth where Mother Nature can finally breathe more. The greater awareness of gratitude that is growing worldwide for what is there. The importance of the little things that are so great. Changing and thereby developing more self-reflection. For me, yoga plays a very important role in this. Since I founded Go with the flow in 2014 with which I organize yoga classes, events and retreats in special places, the connection I make through yoga has been inextricably linked with who I am. I open up to the other person. To give. To connect. An open heart is there to be touched. If you open yourself, you can be hurt, but from that openness also the most beautiful moments and experiences arise. There is no other way than Being Open because I want to live from my heart. That feeling wants to follow. Wherever it takes me. Whatever comes up. Whatever is at the door. I open with love. Since I had to close my yoga studio on March 15, there has been so much in front of that door to be felt. Initially because of the limitation, a lot of creativity in coming up with other ways to still be able to connect with my students. The whole new big unknown Online World that I discovered because of it. Survive and carry on. Be inventive. Thinking in solutions. Full of positive feelings in an unexpected adventure. The connection is still there and that feels good.

After a month it has changed. Less online session sales. Less response and response from students. From the we-together feeling to more everyone-for-ones. Logical consequence. A difficult consequence to deal with. What else can I do? What does everyone need? Again. And through. Continue through. In innovation. In wanting to make happy and keep in touch with “my” groups. Yessss can be taught outside from mid-May! Feels like coming home. For example, I once started Go with the flow, without a studio, but always looking for the most beautiful places outside. In the summer I have always been on the beach with the intense flow lesson on Sundays, so I expect to choose the beach and a special place in a meadow to have 2 outdoor locations for the live lessons. Exuberant, enthusiastic and full of energy I enter the first lessons. And then comes the disappointment. Fortunately, there are very happy students with whom I can roll out my mat again. But ... there are also a lot of them. That appears to remain the case. Hurts. No connection for a while. Hit. Sad and even a little bit angry. Is the connection I have felt not real? How important is my yoga class then? Everyone is looking for his / her own way now and apparently yoga can just no longer fit in with that. And neither do I. I know that it is not meant personally but very deep inside it sometimes feels that way ... I care. Let it in. With everything that seems to disappear, a part of me disappears. What now? Where does this go and especially where do I want to go? With the 1.5m rule I can't fit enough participants in my great but smaller studio to be profitable so I decide to stay closed July & August to find out which way to go. I am there right now. Feeling how everything feels and which conclusions I can draw from it. A kind of hard but very honest learning process. No matter how much I have put into my company in the past 5 years, it doesn't seem to matter at the moment. I always “surrender” and that does not appear to be any guarantee that something will remain. That gives a very clear insight that touches me. In my heart. That touches what once was. And not now.

Annica. Concept from Buddhism that stands for impermanence. Nothing ever stays the same. Everything changes. Life moves constantly. And I love to move, but this movement is a violent one. I am out of balance. Losing balance means that something is shifting. Another way is being cleared somewhere. An opportunity to change my route. For that I will have to allow the resistance and really dare to feel what all the wobbling brings me. Finding myself in something new, in a different way but closer to myself than before. I believe that I gradually get past the resistance and want to receive with an open heart what is there and where I am going from. With discoveries along the way that surprise me and float up through all this and want to be present. Yes. It will be different. I move with it and want to be where it flows. In it I may have learned for the first time in my life that I can choose for myself. For my flow. My Go with the flow. A life lesson in self-esteem and self-confidence. Mark and keep my limits. Stand for who I am. What I feel. What touches me. What I want with that. Not back but further. Ready to go. The final destination is not completely clear yet, but I'm going to enjoy the trip. The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

Love and Light for your path.

Linda Veen

Insta linda.gowiththeflow

FB Go with the flow

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