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24 May 2019

Yogaretreat Marlene Henny


Today, retreats and lifestyle holidays are more popular than ever. This travel formula has been very popular in the last 5 years and that is not for nothing. You can consider a yoga retreat as something much more than a normal vacation. A yoga retreat is an experience with the aim of positively changing your life. When we are on a retreat we withdraw from daily activities, obligations, distractions and routines.

You can go on yoga retreat, see it as an essential investment in yourself.

Yoga itself offers many benefits. A Yoga retreat or, for example, a yoga weekend is completely different. In the retreats that I have followed and given in the past, I see and feel very clearly what a retreat brings about in myself and others. During a retreat you can completely leave the daily stress behind and fully focus on your own mental and physical health. My experience is that you get the investment out in all respects. In insights, moments of happiness, memories, life lessons and new friendships.

There are different yoga retreats for every level and purpose. At a retreat you can expect a lot of personal guidance and space for what you need for a relaxed and challenging yoga weekend closer to home or a yoga week under the sun.

And a few advantages in a row:

  • A gift for yourself.
  • You finally make time for yourself and spoil yourself.
  • You deepen your yoga practice. And if you didn't have experience in yoga material it is a great way to build this up.
  • The combination of exercise and healthy eating.

A yoga retreat is a holiday with a daily yoga program in combination with delicious and healthy food. You start your day with yoga and you enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner together with the group. Depending on the offer, you have free time in the afternoon or a fun activity for yourself or with the group. By the evening you can enjoy another yoga class. This is often a relaxing lesson. Consider restorative yoga or yin yoga or guided meditation. After this you are ready for a tasteful and healthy meal together with the whole group. You should be literally pampered during your stay. What remains for you is enjoy this vacation.

Me time-quality time ..

This vacation is the ideal moment to take some time for yourself. Perhaps this is a good time for you to read that one book that you have wanted to read for so long and enjoy having nothing to do and admire beautiful sunsets. It is wonderful to disconnect yourself and not have to worry about your to do list, your household or your work

Getting to know new people ..

If you are on a yoga retreat you will meet people who have the same interests. Even if you go all by yourself, chances are that you make friends with people from all over the world because yoga retreats attract a colorful international company.

The extras that a retreat often offers, such as massages that you can book and sometimes even a spa where you can be pampered from head to toe, nice trips, good and healthy food in combination with yoga practice and the relaxation of nothing having to and really taking time for yourself, already generates a considerable glow. Lifts up your spirit and guarantees that you will return home blazing.

Book a retreat, because you deserve it ..

Some practical issues:

It is smart to look up what is included in the retreat. For example, are all meals included? And do you feel good at the location of the retreat? Who gives the retreat, you know the teachers and what style of yoga is given.

Marlene Henny has been successfully giving her 'Ignite your Spark' Yoga Retreats on ibiza for 5 years and does so with pleasure, passion and dedication.

During 'Ignite your Spark' Yoga Retreat you stay in a villa called "Lotus House". This villa is located in the southern part of Ibiza and is a place to fall in love with immediately. This is a villa with a lot of charm, atmosphere and views .A nice location naturally helps a lot in creating a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.Finally, it is quite exciting to enter only a house where you don't know anyone and where you can spend another week, or at least some of them. A retreat is a great opportunity to restore yourself and find your balance, relax and reload yourself.

In this retreat, yoga classes are combined with lots of free time, healthy eating and socializing.

Ignite your Spark Yoga retreat 22-29 June and 7-14 September 2019 for everyone's level, for every purpose and for everyone.

For info:

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